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Are you thinking of building a new home in West Virginia? Well, finding the right land or lot to build it on is one of the first hurdles you’ll want to jump. Many home buyers come to us with a piece of land in mind—whether they already own it or are in talks to purchase it—but you’d be surprised at how often we assist our homebuyers with finding and securing the perfect piece of property to build the home of their dreams!

At Vision Homes, we love helping people like you find the right land on which to build. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect building lot in West Virginia:


The first consideration is obvious: how much money can you spend on land? While you may have a price tag in mind, it’s important to take all the variables into account—the property cost is only part of the overall budget that a quality homebuilder will want to adhere to, so it’s a good idea to talk to your builder and hash out your overall budget and your list of “must-haves” before sealing the deal on your land. 

Many of the folks we talk with appreciate the fact that we can help them establish a budget so they know what they can spend on land. And if you have a piece of property in mind, we even offer a FREE site evaluation where we will walk the property with you and help you decide if it fits your needs!


West Virginia is an interesting place to build new homes in part because there’s no such thing as flat land here. This is why reputable builders will want to inspect the property before finalizing any plan or designs. You might get lucky and find some “West Virginia Flat” land (meaning “only kind of sloping”) that requires minimum excavation (which could mean less site prep costs as well as less foundation costs), but more often than not there will be some serious digging to do. 

Certain home styles sit better on certain types of terrain, so the land on which you intend to build may have a big impact on what your finished home will look like. 


Another consideration will be how easy it is to tap into water, electric, and other necessary utilities. It’s a dream for some to live away from it all in a house in a remote area, but the practicality of getting utility service out there may make that dream more difficult. 

Property in neighborhoods or around other homes generally have access to water, electric, gas, and sewage service, but it’s always good to have your builder check this access out so you can deal with any issues or challenges before you buy.


Many neighborhoods and places within city limits have restrictions on what you can build and where. There may be square footage minimums or specific setback requirements that could dictate the size and even shape of your new home. The deed itself may also have restrictions, so it’s always good to take a close look at any documents that may affect your investment. 


At Vision Homes, we’ve built over 500 custom homes in WV and PA over the last 20+ years, and have helped many of those happy homeowners find the right land on which to build their dream home. 

If you have a piece of property in mind, great! We offer a free site evaluation where our team will walk the property and answer any questions you may have. 

If you don’t have a specific piece of land in mind, don’t worry! We keep a portfolio of lots and land for sale in the area, and would be happy to show you a few properties that we think you’ll love. Just contact us to set up a time to chat!

And of course, there are still a few lots available in the final phases of Frederick Place and Braden Place, so if living in a protected planned community is right up your alley, click here to learn more about Frederick Place and Braden Place!