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One of the many questions our team receives is, ‘how long does it take to build a home?’ Several factors go into the amount of time it takes to build a home, including if you’re financing your home or paying cash, the weather, planning the design and features, as well as the amount of time it takes to get utilities installed in the home.

Read on to learn more about the home building timeframe.

There is quite a lot of work and effort that goes into building a new home. The home building process is filled with several different steps, and it must all be done very carefully so that we are able to get you into your new home in a timely manner! Although the construction of a new home usually takes five to six months from pouring the footers to handing you the keys, there are several other things that go into the process, which adds more time to the process.

“From the time you say hello to the day we hand you the keys, it typically takes 6 to 12 months,” Dave Stanley, our design specialist and salesman said.

To help you better understand the timeframe of building a new home, here is a deeper breakdown of what our process entails.

Planning and Pricing | One Month (Varies)

During the planning and pricing stage, you will sit down with Dave to go over what exactly you are looking for in your new home, including your wants, needs and concerns. Dave then goes through the plan to make sure everything fits accordingly. Planning usually takes about a month but is something that varies from homeowner to homeowner. Some are able to figure out their plan quickly, while others can take a while to decide what they want their new home to look like.

From the planning stage, Dave can get a price for you, which includes the house itself, the land, prep work to get the land ready (excavation), the concrete (driveway/walkway/patio) and landscaping, if you choose for us to do that.

Financing | One to Two Months

After planning and pricing is done, the agreement is signed and that goes right into the financing phase. Financing could take one to two months; however, we do not sit around waiting during this stage.

During that waiting period, we take advantage of the time by ordering the house plans and also getting any permits necessary for your new home. You meet with our color specialist, Twila Goodwin, to go over all your selections including colors, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, trim, molding, lighting and much more! We pick everything out up front in a fun environment for both your and our benefit.

We can then schedule a pre-build meeting, which is where our construction superintendent, Guy Helwig, meets with the homeowners. This is where we make sure everything is in order and that we are all on the same page. This is a crucial part in our process as this is where we make sure the home is ready to go from paper to the real thing!

If you need help with financing, click here. We have used many local lenders for more than 20 years including.

To see how much home you can afford, use our confidential calculator.

Home Construction | Five Months (Varies)

Time to begin the construction of your new home! Home construction typically takes five to six months from the time our crew breaks ground until we hand you the keys.

Our systems and loyal crews do a great job of holding us to this time frame. The systems we follow works very well, and our crews go from one home to the next, always providing their hard work and consistency with each home. During this stage, there are some variables that can change the projects home construction timeline, including:

  • Weather: While we do build year-round, there are times throughout the year that weather can cause some delays. When there is constant rain or snow over a period of time, it can make things difficult to get the foundation dug, the block laid, the framing done, etc.
  • Utilities: There are times when getting the utilities hooked up is done right in sync with our schedule, but also times where it might take an extra week or longer to get this done. Once the home has hit a certain step in the process, the utilities are required to advance any further.
  • Homeowner Queue: Depending on how many houses we have in line ready to start, that could vary the start date for your home as well.

All in all, you can see how much really goes into the home building process and why it takes the amount of time that it does. With factoring in the steps that we take and giving an appropriate time frame for the possible variables, that is why most jobs typically fall in that 6 to 12-month range.

Our team is dedicated to making this all as fun and easy as possible for you. From the time you say hello, to when we hand you the keys, we are alongside you the entire way doing all we can to help. The Vision Homes family has been growing for 25 years now and we look forward to adding all the new home owners into it for the years to come.

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