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If you own property and are looking to build a new home, it’s important to understand how site costs for new home construction play into the overall cost of building in West Virginia.

We love when people call us and say, “We own a piece of land, and we’d like to build a new home.”

Here’s the thing: we’re home builders, and although we’re proud to offer new homes in planned communities in the greater Morgantown WV area, we’re not land developers. So if you own property and are looking to build a new home, or even if you just have a piece of land in mind that you haven’t yet purchased, it’s important to understand how site costs play into the overall cost of building a new home in West Virginia.

Many times, a customer will take a floor plan directly to builders to talk about pricing. In West Virginia, our unique topography creates distinctive building needs, so if you have land, we as builders want to see it as soon as possible to know what we’re working with and what’s possible for your unique piece of land.


Aside from the general size, shape, and topography your property, here are certain specific things that we’re looking for, including:

  • What is the access to utilities?
  • Is it public sewer and public water?
  • Does it need septic?

NOTE: If your land does need septic, it is so important to get a perc test done as soon as possible. This is critical in the beginning of the planning stages to make sure that your dream home is still attainable, because a perc test will dictate where on your property your septic system can go, and therefore where on your property you will be allowed to build.


The next set of questions have to do with the home you want to build. What type of house is going to work best on that land? Your dream home and your land have to be compatible, which isn’t always guaranteed. But don’t worry– we can help you determine if it’s a match!

Once we determine how your property will accommodate your new home, we can start discussing pricing options. Owning your land is just part of the bigger picture, so we want to sit down with you to outline the entire package price and explain how it works.


Even if you own your land, there are still several other costs that need to be considered to make your custom-built home possible.

One is the site costs which includes your excavation, utility, and septic.

Then there is, of course, the house itself (which is where we come in!)

After that, you have to consider your concrete or blacktop for your driveway, as well as your landscaping. These costs are fixed. If you know the size of your driveway, that is going to be a set expense that you can calculate. Same goes for your other site costs, which make up your total package.



If you already own your land and are trying to price out building a new home, it’s important to focus on your site costs. Once you’ve budgeted for these set site costs, you’ll have a better idea of the amount of budget remaining for your home and how your floor plan decisions fit into that range. You can make informed, strategic decisions on where you’d like to cut back or spend more after knowing your fixed, upfront site costs.

At Vision Homes, we can walk you through every step of the process to help you balance your design and cosmetic finishes to fit your budget and give you a house you’re proud to call home at a price that fits into your budget.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can use your land to build you a house you’re proud to call home!

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