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With cold weather just around the corner, it’s time to start checking chores off that long list of home maintenance projects. Preparing your home for the colder months may seem daunting, but the benefits far outweigh the work. Be sure to add this winter home checklist to your list of home-care ventures.

Check Insulation and Seal Any Holes

Inspect the perimeters around windows and doors for tears in the weatherstripping. You can seal these openings with rope caulking, high-performance sealant or low expansion foam. This will ensure that no warm air escapes when you finally kick the heat on, thus conserving energy as well as lowering your monthly bill.

Replace Expired Outside Lights

This simple safety measures is quick and requires minimal effort. Replacing any burnt out lights on the exterior of your home will not only deter potential criminal activity, it will also illuminate any ice or snow hazards for when your family is using the walkway or guests make a surprise visit.

 Clean Gutters and Chimney

Taking the time to rid your gutters of any leaves, twigs and debris will ensure that roof water does not overflow and pool around the basement of your home. This excess water can cause serious foundational damage if left unchecked. While inspecting the state of your gutters, be sure to replace any that may be worn or damaged.

Likewise, the chimney of your home must be purged of all dirt and any potential blockages in order to work efficiently and safely while heating your home.

Inspect the Roof

Your roof is the first layer of protection against

While inspecting your roof, replace any loose, cracked or missing shingles that you may find. This will prevent any water damage that could potentially occur causing deterioration to insulation, drywall, and other parts of your home.

Clear Away Patio Furniture

In order to keep your patio furniture looking pristine for next season, you should shield it from the winter elements. Fall is the perfect time to

  • Clean patio furniture
  • Wash any cushions
  • Place them in storage until the spring

Replace Furnace Filter

A quick and easy task that can prevent future heating problems. You may also consider hiring a heating and cooling professional to inspect and finetune your furnace. This checkup shouldn’t cost you much and will set your mind at ease before the cold sets in.

Inspect Garage Door

Scheduling a garage door inspection is instrumental is preventing any problems you may have in the winter months. A garage door inspection will include lubricating any moving parts, adjusting springs and cables, and examining any sensors.

Finish Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Fall is the ideal time to wrap up any yard projects and begin preparing your lawn for spring. Clear away any leaves or debris that may be lying around. Experts agree that if you only fertilize your lawn once a year, fall is the time to do it. It is also an optimal time to apply your chosen herbicide so that weeds will not return with the warmer weather.

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