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West Virginia weather can wreak havok on your home. From heavy snow loads, to severe storms and wind, it can sometimes be brutal.  Most people don’t think much about their roof trusses.  Most people will never venture into their attic space once their home is built and examine the quality of lumber used in their roof trusses.  But if you are building in North Central West Virginia – or in Western Maryland or Southwestern Pennsylvania, for that matter, You need to make sure your roof is strong enough to handle the weather in this region.

At Vision Homes, we do care about your new roof.  For 20 years we have used only the best roofing trusses available – Rigidply Rafters out of Oakland, MD..  Here’s why:

–Rocky Simmons, Owner/Vice President Vision Homes

It all starts with Quality Lumber.  Look for this Grade stamp on your roof trusses.  That’s your assurance of quality lumber.

Specific Lumber Mills are used by Rigidply to ensure only the highest quality lumber is used in their trusses. Rigidply’s specifications are the strictest in the industry.  Rigidply further evaluates each piece of truss lumber prior to it being used in a truss, based on their own internal specifications for wane, straightness and overall quality. Rigidply lumber is stored under cover to protect the appearance and performance of Rigidply trusses.

So, even though you may never see your roof trusses once your home is built, be sure your builder only uses the best quality roof trusses available.  That’s what we do at Vision Homes.  And we’ve done it that way for the past 20 years.

To learn more about Rigidply Rafters – please check out their website:

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Thanks for reading!

– Rocky