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We know that cleaning your gutters is not on the top of your chore list. It’s messy and time consuming. But neglecting to clean them can lead to big problems. So save yourself future headaches, grab a hose and gloves, and get cleaning!

5 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

Gutters guide rainwater and runoff from the roof so it drains properly away from homes. When gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris, a number of problems can happen:

  1. Excess weight:  Common sense tells us that when more pressure is added to something that is not intended for that much weight, breaks will occur.  This is the same with gutters.  Gutters are meant to hold the weight of traveling water and not much more.  If too much stress is added to the gutter from leaves and other debris, the gutter can fall off the house entirely.
  2. Leaks:  When traveling water can’t drain away properly because of clogged gutters (leaves or other debris), water will find other ways to get to the ground–usually by coming through the ceiling or walls of the home.  Too much moisture in the home can cause mold growth and worst case scenario cause a ceiling to crack and fall apart.
  3. Nesting areas:  Clogged gutters can serve as nesting areas for insects and birds.  Mosquitoes lay eggs in pooling water. Birds may also nest in gutters.
  4. Ice damming:  When gutters aren’t cleaned, pooled water and leaves can freeze over.  Blocked water can back up and push against the roof, lifting shingles and destroying the roof.
  5. Foundation trouble:  Clogged gutters also may contribute to flooded basements and cracked foundations.  Leaking water will pool around the foundation, expanding when frozen and causing cracks in basements and crawlspace walls.


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Cleaning your gutters should be done each fall and spring.

Once clean, you should run hose water to ensure good run-off.

Save yourself future headaches and nightmares, and just clean your gutters…or hire someone to do it for you. Now that fall is upon us, it should be done within the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading,

Rocky Simmons