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10 helpful tips to selling your existing home, so you can build your new Vision Home sooner and love where you live.”

At Vision Homes, we realize that many folks need to sell their existing home in order to start building their new Vision Home.  Below are some helpful hints for selling your home from Sherri Lowther at Coldwell Banker Alliance Realty.  We hope this proves helpful for you.

1.  Boost curb appeal easily by trying the following:

  • Have your home power-washed
  • Keep the grass mowed and the hedges trimmed
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers
  • Wash your windows

2.  Welcome people into your home with a nice walkway and porch. Even if you have a small stoop, simple things like a mat that says “Welcome Home” or a few potted plants can create an inviting atmosphere. Also, leave your porch light on at night in case potential buyers are driving by.

3.  Balance the ‘lived in’ and ‘clean’ looks:

  • Eliminate clutter by organizing piles and excess into attractive storage containers
  • Keep a vase of fresh cut flowers in your living room or entry way
  • Consider aesthetically storing food in your kitchen, such as fruit in a bowl on the table or an attractive spice rack on the counter

4.  Style your rooms:

  • Keep your dining room table set with attractive place settings
  • Adorn your coffee or side tables with functional and stylish coasters
  • Make your bed and invest in nice linen set with comfy throw pillows

5.  Find a balance between your style and the rest of the world! Just because you ‘love it’ doesn’t mean everyone will. If you have eccentric tastes, consider toning it down a bit. In fact, neutral colors really work best and can be inviting for all your viewers. Plus, a few pops of color throughout (in a pillow, throw blanket, or wall hanging) will draw your viewers’ eyes to the places you want them to land.

6.  Clean your closets! It may surprise you, but closets can be a make-it-or-break-it selling point. Resist the urge to stuff your mess into your closets, go ahead and toss a few things you don’t need into boxes to store in the attic, and get your closet into workable, navigable condition. Buyers want to know there is good storage, so show them what your closets can do. Leaving about 20-30% open space will give the feeling of spaciousness. And if you lack on closet space, consider investing in a few organizers that can showcase the possibilities.

7.  Show how you can use awkward areas such as a nook under the staircase or a narrow entryway. For example, in your entryway add hooks for coats and purses and keep a low shelf of cubbies by the door for shoes. Turn a wall with a low slanted ceiling into a reading nook or play area for the kids.  Or turn a small area in the kitchen or under your staircase into a useful charging station for phones, tablets or laptops.

8. Stage your outdoors too! This may mean that you set up a fire pit with a few chairs around it or make sure your hammock or porch swing are in good working order. If you’re in a family neighborhood, consider staging the kids’ toys so that the yard is functional but not cluttered.

9.  Floors, floors, floors:

  • At the very minimum, clean your floors
  • Steam or professionally clean all of your carpets and certainly remove all stains
  • Polish up your hardwoods
  • If you have any worn flooring like linoleum, check to make sure it’s not peeling up in the corners or torn, and if so, patch it up and glue it down

10.  Make the most of your seasons For warmer seasons, make sure your garden and lawn are in order and if you have something like a pool, make sure it’s clean and functional. For the colder months, create a cozy feel indoors with scented candles or a fire in the fireplace. In addition, if the holidays are just around the corner your buyers will be envisioning celebrating in their new home – so consider decorating early.

For more help selling your home, feel free to contact Sherri at [email protected] or call her at 304-216-5273.

For more information on building your New Vision Home, contact David Stanley at [email protected] or call 304-296-0024.  Also, please visit our website for your all your building questions.