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By:  Rocky Simmons, Owner and Vice President of Vision Homes

At Vision Homes, we build your new home to our standards, which then hopefully exceeds yours.  We are very flexible with our customers.  It’s your house and your money, so your dream home should have exactly what you want in it.

We are proud to say that we have always listened to our customer’s needs and wants and tried to solve those wants while making the customer feel good while doing so and keeping them on budget.  We make you feel good about your new home.  We take special care to staff knowledgeable, caring professionals who take a genuine interest in helping each and every family with all aspects of the home building process.

To begin the process, you will meet with David Stanley, our sales associate for the past 17 years.

Dave has helped 100’s of families just like yours with their needs and wants while balancing their budget. He can and will assist you with everything from lot selection, house design, design changes and bank financing.  We work with many local lenders and can direct you to which lender and program best serves your needs.  Dave will also list out all pricing and any options that you may be considering for your new Vison Home.

While the bank is working on your approval and closing, you will then meet Twila Goodwin.  This is where the fun begins.  She meets with you here in our quiet, comfortable showroom and helps you pick out all the finishes and little things for your new home that makes it yours.  Once Twila and you have finished with all the fun selections and the bank has given you permission to close, we are ready to begin building your new home – so in a few months – you can LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!

We will start your home once we both know everything that you want in your home so , that way, there are no surprises and no extra costs to you at the end.

Today, there are many trends that go into a new home.  For starters, a few  “hot buttons” include granite and quartz countertops, hardwood and/or ceramic tile floors, tile showers and stainless steel appliances.

A kitchen currently under construction:  Whatever you are looking for, we can fit your family’s wants, needs, lifestyle and budget!

People generally want bigger and open rooms in their floor plan design.  What we do at Vision is eliminate space and square footage in rooms that won’t be used by the customer and their family to add to the rooms they will use, such as the great room or living room, kitchen, garage,  bathroom, or even ceilings.  Higher ceilings are very popular now.

Our biggest concern is making sure you get the house you have been dreaming of, and you love where you live after you receive the keys.  We want to create as much value as possible for you.  We will take your design ideas and listen to what’s important to you so you end up with a home the way you want and can enjoy for many years to come.

The whole building/design  process can take approximately six to nine months.  So, if you want to start planting grass in your new home by spring 2015, you need to see us NOW.

For a more detailed look at Vision features, check out this link!

If you want to see more completed kitchens like this one, along with spacious living rooms, and master bathrooms we have designed, visit our Pinterest page!

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