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One of the most frustrating elements of building a new home is having no idea where to begin. The process can be challenging, but don’t let that frustrate you!

Most people are not experts when it comes to home building, and we understand that at Vision Homes. We pride ourselves on our expertise, and we’ll do everything we can to build a home you’ll love.

Below is a brief description of how the building process should take place:

1. Agreement:

After visiting with representatives and selecting home options, we draft an agreement that includes pricing, descriptions of materials and design prints.

2. Bank Financing:

Your builder should provide you with documents needed for your bank meetin. Vision Homes can also assist you with finding a bank to suit your needs.

3. Color Selections:

This is the fun part!  This is where you select the details of your home with the help of a Vision Homes representative.

4. Pre-Construction:

This is a casual meeting between you and your builder to discuss the details of your home. This is also where we confirm any changes and collect all forms for stake out.

5. Closing:

Closing on construction financing.

6. Stake-Out:

We meet with you at your construction site and stake out the area where we will excavate and set the home.

7. Dig:

Excavating begins.  This is the ground-breaking of your new home!

8. Electrical Walk-through:

After the initial framing of your house, we hold a meeting with you, your builder and electrician.

9. Notification of Completion:

We send you a letter informing you that your house is complete! We also schedule your walk-through at this time.

10. Walk-Through:

We meet with you at  your newly finished home to do an inspection and orientation.

11. Punch-out Work:

We take care of any final items that need touched up or completed.

12. Settlement/Move-In:

We take our final draw payment, and you receive the keys to your new home!

A Vision Homes finished product

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