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Enjoying the warm weather? It’s a great time of year for cookouts, travel, music festivals and lively games of Frisbee. At Vision Homes, we enjoy those activities too, but we also think summer gives us a chance to give our homes a fresh look inside and out. Take a look at our top 5 summertime home improvement projects.

5 Summer Home Improvement Project Tips

  1. Landscaping:  This is an obvious one when it comes to keeping our lawns mown with all the sunshine and summer showers we enjoy, but upgrading your landscaping can be much more than putting in new plants and grass cutting. Adding outdoor light fixtures and subtle spotlights will give your home an impressive look when you’re enjoying those comfortable summer nights. Landscape lights are perfect for walkways, decks, patios and other accented areas.
  2. Clean and Seal Your Deck or Fence:  Scrubbing your wood deck or fence and staining/sealing it properly is important to protect against damage from colder weather as well as pests. Staining is a simple job, costing little money that will extend the life of your deck and keep it looking like new.
  3. Interior Decorations:  For an unbearable hot summer day, consider staying cool inside and working on creating a family photo wall, hanging a mirror or adding a pop of color with pillows, dishes or bedding. Frame and mat pictures of your favorite memories with family and friends. Once you decide on the layout of the pictures, use painter’s tape to mark each location of the photo before hanging them.
  4. Clean Your Gutters:  You probably had this at the top of your list for spring, but it’s an ongoing battle. Clogged roof gutters during a downpour will cause water to run down the side of your house. This water can saturate the foundation and any flowerbeds you have close to your home. Make sure you have a helper close by when you are up on a ladder. A garden hose is a good start to wash away debris, but make sure you are wearing gloves if you plan on doing any manual removal.
  5. Construction/Remodel Projects:  Large construction or remodeling jobs are best completed in the summer months for a few reasons. When concrete is involved, there are ideal temperatures for the curing process and there’s typically less rain once we’re past springtime.  If it’s an interior project, you won’t have slushy mud tracked into your home, and if a deck or patio is what you’re dreaming of, why not get that done when they can be enjoyed.
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