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Written by: Taylor Simmons | Assistant Office Manager

Vision Homes is a small Morgantown custom home builder consisting of three owners and four full-time employees. The way we build good homes is by everyone communicating, working together, using our systems and holding their own. Now, we obviously don’t build twenty-plus houses a year with just us seven people.

To help us succeed, we have established strong relationships with crews, vendors, bankers, brokers, marketers and many more great people. Let’s talk about each of the seven employee’s roles here at Vision Homes.

Mike Helwig Owner, President:Mike Helwig, Vision Homes

Mike is a co-founder of the company, and our president. He and Rocky Simmons started Vision Homes in 1995. Their goal was “to exceed the customers’ expectations in both service and quality” while providing “an honest, pleasant environment in order to make” building homes “a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your family.

He specialized in the construction end, but was always business-savvy as well. His demand for quality in both service and construction is what created the systems that have kept us in business for years. His extensive knowledge and experience in construction, along with his care and pride for the way a home is built, have given our company a superior product. In the year 2015, Mike began phasing into retirement, passing along his responsibilities and share of the company to his son Guy.

Vision Homes Team Guy HelwigOwner, Superintendent:

Guy shares the same pride in the way a home is built as his father. He has been with the company for more than twenty years and knows the systems that were created in-and-out. He manages all construction, overseeing the sub-contracted crews, scheduling them and ordering supplies. From site evaluation, to the settlement, he is very involved seeing that every job is done right.

However, managing so many jobs in the field all day, those at the office, Rocky, Twila Goodwin and Dave Stanley, handle a lot of questions the customer might have. They have plenty of experience to answer many of the customers’ ideas or concerns, but if they are unable to, Guy will absolutely be consulted.

Where families see Guy are as follows:

  • Sometimes at the site evaluation
  • Always at the pre-build meeting, where exactly what we are going to do is discussed
  • Always at the electrical walkthrough, about a half way point of the build where he, Twila, and our electrician will tour the house with the homeowner and decide exactly where they would like outlets and such
  • At other phases as needed through the process

Paul BarkerWarranty Manager:

Paul is a versatile employee. We need to have a full-time handyman to assist Guy in miscellaneous tasks of every phase. Originally from Virginia, Paul has been with the company for four years now. His main role is to manage and provide the service for our finished homes. At around twelve months, Paul will visit a home and see that everything is still in working order. At 18 months, he will do a drywall walkthrough. I personally always enjoy an opportunity to get to see, talk to or work with Paul; he is a funny, genuine guy, and I know his service is held to a high standard.

When you call the office, you will be kindly greeted by Twila, Dave or myself.

Taylor Simmons, Vision HomesTaylor SimmonsAssistant Office Manager:

I handle incoming leads, through either web inquires or by phone. If you sign up on our webpage, I will reach out to you and try to see what it is you are looking for in your next home. I screen our leads gathering and providing as much information as possible, getting them ready for our salesman Dave. I work behind the scenes on marketing, sales, administrative work and price control.

My favorite part is the design in the beginning and the photos I take of the newly finished home at the end. It is great to see people from start to finish gain a house they’re proud to call home.

Once you get to Dave, your dreams start to unfold

Dave.jpgDave Stanley Salesman:

Dave is our specialist that makes personalization possible. Starting with your idea and a basic floor plan, he can make adjustments to get you what you are looking for and stay within your budget.

He has created more than 400 unique houses for satisfied customers over the past 20 years. He is able to make many upgrades, find ways to save money with your selections and even assist in finding land. He will work diligently with you until you are ready to buy, and will continue to be there for you every step of the way.

After Dave gets you started, Twila helps transform the house plan you have selected into a home.

Twila-web.jpgTwila Goodwin, Selection Specialist, Administrative Manager:

Out front, Twila is the sweet lady who will assist you in personalizing your features from interior and exterior colors, to cabinet, faucet and flooring selection, to doorknobs shingles and every little thing.

This is an area where we make the building process fun. Taking off with the progress the homebuilder and Dave have achieved, she assists them in a series of selections that make their home even more unique. We have a vast variety of products that we use, and she has a natural ability for combining them all.

Behind the scenes, she performs a lot of administrative work making sure we run smoothly with our many crews and vendors.

Twila says her favorite part is “having the pleasure to hand our homeowners the key to their new home when it is completed.”

Overseeing us all is the man with a Vision

Rocky-web.jpgRocky SimmonsOwner, Vice President:

As mentioned before, Rocky was there from the start, “striving to exceed the customers’ expectations in both service and quality.” Rocky makes sure the small team keeps achieving this goal by overseeing our office daily. He handles customer requests from Dave and Twila and stays on top of our pricing to keep it fair.

At times he performs executive level management, and other times he goofs off with the children of the buyers in our showroom. He is the reflection of our mission to make the building process enjoyable for the entire family.

Who is Vision Homes?

Lean and Mean” is what Mike always called us. From the values we were founded upon, to the functionality of our systems, we are proud to build quality homes in Morgantown and surrounding area. We demand the most out of our team members, and we have also built a great network of crews, vendors, bankers, brokers, marketers, and many more great people as I mentioned before.

Stay tuned! In the next blog I’ll tell you more about them. Thanks for reading, and I hope that I conveyed to you that at Vision Homes, we care.