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Amber and Justin Steele were looking to expand their living space as they expanded their family. They looked to purchase a home in Fairmont, West Virginia, but didn’t find anything in their price range they really liked. The Steele Family decided to look into building when Amber’s mom found Vision Homes’ Facebook page.

 “I think the advantage of having a local builder is you know what quality is going to come out of it.”

-Justin Steele

Building vs. Buying

Old houses have their charms. But if you want a spacious house with an open floor plan, state-of-the-art technologies, and low-maintenance comfort, you should think about building a new home. One of our sales associates, Dave, sat down with Justin and Amber and mixed square footage needs with personal touches in the house that were important to them. Building your own brand new house can be intimidating and scary at first, but we will guide you every step of the way.

“They eased my worries a lot when they stayed in contact with us, that’s huge when a builder calls you everyday.”

-Justin Steele

Keeping in Touch

Amber was very active on Facebook posting pictures about the building process. We love seeing the excitement of our customers, knowing we are helping them build a home that they will enjoy for years to come!

 “We are very grateful for our customers and enjoy hearing from them.”

-Rocky Simmons


Rewarding Experience

Twila, our Color Coordinator, will walk you through a simple worksheet, listen to your needs and desires and help you make the right choices to create a beautiful unique home inside and out. You will pick out everything from siding to doorknobs and everything in between.

Seeing everything come together, everything that we had picked, all the colors, the floor plan, the design of the house. It was pretty rewarding to see it all come out right, and it looked good together.

-Amber Steele

Vision Homes

If you are debating between buying a home or building a new home, consider these reasons for new construction:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Older homes are seldom as energy efficient as new homes. Homes built only 10 years ago may use twice the energy of today’s homes.
  • UPDATED APPLIANCES: Appliances are new, energy-efficient, and easy to use. New dishwashers are quieter and use less water; ranges are designed for quick cleaning; and refrigerators are larger and come with more convenient options, not to mention they are brand new so it’s not something to worry about replacing any time soon.
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUES: Builders today benefit from advances in building techniques that allow for the energy efficiencies we boast about in our new homes that then benefit the homeowners when they receive their heating and cooling bills every month.
  • A ROOM WITH A VIEW: New homes are light and bright. Not only do they have more energy efficient windows, but they also have more of them.
  • A HOUSE FOR TODAY: New homes mirror today’s lifestyles. Families live differently than they did just 10 to 15 years ago so we adapt with the preferences of our buyers in mind.

If you can’t find a home you love in the housing market in Morgantown, West Virginia, Vision Homes can help you find land and build the house of your dreams.  The Steele’s are just one of many couples we have had the pleasure of building for.  Watch the Steele’s full story below: